Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud Of The Avatar is an ambitious MMORPG. Made by several people who worked on the Ultima series, the game seeks to blend the narrative of a singleplayer game with the openness and modes of an MMORPG. Through crowdfunding, they have slowly started to build their game, and they have just released a new wave of content into their title.

Release 39 adds new content, including new gameplay systems such as Town Blessings, Magic Movers, and Patterns, as well as adding new stories and scenes to partake in.

Story-wise, the game is focusing on the Path of Courage. The team notes that this story is quickly getting to the level of quality of previous story scenes found in the Path of Love. Furthermore, the team is putting special focus on the race known as the Kobolds, specifically on the technological gifts they possess. You’ll see this in full on the city of Kobolds, the dungeons K’rul and K’rawl, and the new class of creatures known as Clockwork. They’ve also made sure to polish existing scenes to “competitive quality”.

As for the gameplay systems, the Patterns system will allow you to “reshape” armor and weapons using patterns you get from loot or in the Add On Store. Then, there’s the Town Blessings monuments, where you can place two monuments in your city to give it buffs. One can be for combat, while the other is for crafting, thus giving the game a much more customizable feel. Which brings us to the Magic Moves ability, where you can actually store houses you’ve made and decorated, and keep them out of the world for whenever you feel they’re needed, or find the perfect place to put them.

Shroud Of The Avatar

The Combat Cover mechanic has been boosted, and you’ll now take less damage if you take cover in a fight. Moreover, the non-combat bar will now stay visible in combat, allowing players more options on how to activate key items such as potions and foods.

Above is just the bare essentials of what was added in Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 39. Loads of new content was added to the game aside from what we mentioned. Check it out by yourself and see how the game is growing larger with each release.


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