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    The Division: Survival Now Available On PS4

    The Division Related News Despite its rough start, Ubisoft’s The Division has slowly been making strides towards it being a more functional, not to mention fun, game. Their latest attempt to add the depth of the title came in a vastly different new game mode. Titled, The Division: Survival, the game’s mission shifts drastically, and […] More

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    The Division Survival Update 1.5 Patch Notes

    The Division Related News Tom Clancy’s: The Division just got an update, the Survival DLC, their second expansion. The game’s new open-world experience will captivate hardcore players and gather them in one place to fight for their life. Survival will be available on November 22 for Xbox One and PC and December 20 for PS4. […] More

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    The Division: ISAC TRANSMISSION 12

    The Division Related News We already talked about Incursion, the new Division update, and what’s it bringing to the table. Well, now we talk about Operation ISAC, which adds weekly challenges for free every Wednesday. The missions are for high-level players and they will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In Transmission 11 we […] More

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    Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2: Conflict

    The Division Related News Tom Clancy’s The Division rolls Update 1.2: Conflict with the promise of new content that comes in the form of gameplay additions, further progression and a bunch of new goodies.  INCURSION: CLEAR SKY A mission to take back the Manhattan airway is underway after losing an anti-aircraft site and the line of […] More

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    The Division Releases 1.2 Update

    The Division Related News The Division’s latest update will be rolling out next week, free of charge. The Division has been getting a lot of criticism as of late. Ubisoft hopes to rectify this with its latest update 1.2: Conflict, releasing on May 24 across all platforms. A new trailer, released today, showcased a number […] More