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I am Setsuna – A Game That Will Echo In Our Hearts

I-Am-Setsuna-FeauteredSquare Enix has announced a completely new game called I am Setsuna. This is a classic Japanese RPG we haven’t seen in a while, due to so many Online game releases. Currently, this game is available to pre-purchase on Steam.

We will be following the girl Setsuna, the main character of this game on her journey to save her people from a great Fiend that’s been terrorizing her village for decades.

As it seems, a strange ritual is held in the village. Every 10 years, the villagers would offer a sacrifice to this foul creature and in return, they were granted a short period of peace.

Unfortunately, one year, the Fiend grew restless and decided to lay waste on the village. People were caught off guard and in all that chaos they decided to sacrifice Setsuna, in hope that this will satisfy the beast, due to her powers of enchantment.


At that moment, the player takes the control. You go with Setsuna to a far land where the sacrifice will be held.


It seems that this will be an emotionally impactful RPG, with a great soundtrack and marvelous story.

Let’s just hope this game won’t bring tears to our eyes.


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