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Sega releasing Mega Drive Classic Gaming Console

It appears that Sega is taking a page out of Nintendo’s book by developing their own classic gaming console. Made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, this multiplayer console seems to have Sega’s greatest hits that come with a remade classic style console along with a mobile device.

Mega-Drive-796x398The Console itself supports original Mega Drive cartridges and comes with two wireless controllers. Of course, it also plugs into your TV. The mobile device has a 3.2-inch screen display and comes with a rechargeable battery and USB charger. The best part about this that both of the devices are loaded with 80 games featuring titles like Sonic, Sonic 2, and Mortal Kombat. Another feature that isn’t included in the NES mini, is the function that makes it so that you can also add your own games onto the mobile device by using an SD card.

Though there isn’t an official release date yet you can pre-order both of these devices for $65 from UK retailer Funstock Retro.

If you consider yourself a hardcore Sega fan, or just someone who is looking for a little taste of nostalgia, these products may just be something you need to get your hands on.


Written by Yasin Price

Yasin is a flash animator with 7 years of experience and a passionate gamer. He is knowledgeable in multiple genres of games and even ran his own business.

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