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See the New Monster Hunter XX Trailer For Nintendo Switch

The Monster Hunter franchise is one of the most popular gaming franchises in all of Japan. It lets people become warriors of great skill and legendary weaponry in order to take down monsters of massive sizes. It’s been a part of many consoles and handhelds over the years, but only just the other day was it revealed that a title in the franchise was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Titled Monster Hunter XX, all we knew was that it was coming to the console, but now, we know much more with a debut trailer for it.

It’s important to note two things before continuing. First, Monster Hunter XX is coming to the 3DS as well, and two, it’s not confirmed for the west as of yet. That being said, given that Monster Hunter has had several of the recent games cross the ocean, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did come at some point.

Moving onto the trailer, it not only showed off a lot of what you can see and expect in the game that is typical of Monster Hunter (giant worlds, lots of monsters, tons of action, etc.), but it also showed off some interesting aspects like the ability to Cross-Play between your 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of the game!

You’ll also be able to transfer data between your 3DS and Switch versions should you want to, and you can do it an infinite number of times. Plus, you’ll be able to play with friends via multiplayer in both online and local multiplayer style via the Switch’s hardware.

Monster Hunter XX is scheduled for release in Japan on August 25, and people are already reacting to the big news as Nintendo’s stock hit an 8-year high just by announcing this game! That’s pretty impressive. Do you want Monster Hunter XX to come to the Switch in America and Europe? Let us know in the comments below!

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