Via the Blizzard PTR build discussion, community manager Lore detailed the removal of secondary traits from relics. The post underlines the reason as to what and why this has taken place, with future plans to explore relics further in the future.

The thread states that during the next PTR, WoW players will notice that the final Order Hall research has been replaced with “one that grants a chance for Artifact Power rewards from World Quests to be doubled” for a number of reasons.

The community manager post continued:

We’re doing this for a few reasons, the largest of which being that we simply weren’t satisfied with the current state of the system. There were several rough edges, including a few which were pointed out by your feedback. While these issues could be solved, we weren’t confident we could do so in a way that meets our standards in time for 7.2, so we’d rather shelve the idea for now.

This could prove to be frustrating news for some, and a rather strange way of making use of Order Hall Resources. Despite this, the latest perks do grant a chance of doubling Artifact Power, which is often heavily needed for Paragon traits. This isn’t to say that it won’t be revisited by Blizzard, who believe more can be done with relics, with the possibility of new ideas being brought into a future update for Legion.

How do you feel about the removal of secondary traits from relics? Let us know in the comments section below.


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