Sea of Thieves Release Date Revealed

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by Alastor

sea-of-thievesAustralian Microsoft Xbox division got little carried away and accidentally posted on their Twitter account the release date for the upcoming game, Sea of thieves.

From what we’ve seem, the release will be in Fabruary, 2017. and the game will be available for, both, PC and Xbox One platforms.

We, surely, can’t wait to get our hands on the game and once again set sail in this action packed pirate game.

Unfortunately for us, the Australian Xbox division removed mentioned tweet from their account, but many eyes have seen it and it’s kind of useless to hide it.


When we say accidentally, we mean that not long after that Aaron Greenburg, the Head of the Xbox marketing, global department, went out and declared that this timeframe has not yet been official confirmed. But, he did confirm that Australian division prematurely revealed this unconfirmed information.

So basically, this means that game will come out soon. Well, in any chase we hope for the best and will wait eagerly for the “official” announcement. But, from our experience, this usually ends up to be the real date.

Additionally, we learned that the Sea of Thieves will be part of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Play Anywhere initiative.


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