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Sea of Thieves: Official Gameplay Trailer

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! At long last we get to see Rare’s Sea of Thieves in action. It’s been a long time since we had any pirate game, but this one looks promising.


As you can see the game is pretty gorgeous looking, a bit cartoonish but nothing wrong with that. And yes that enormous ship in the background, it’s yours. By that I mean yours and your crew’s. Yes, you heard me right you and your crew directly operate the ship and everything on it. We see 4 people turning a wheel of sorts to pull up the anchor. Another guy climbed up and let the sails down.

Later we see them manually using the cannons. Pretty much every part of the ship has to be manually handled and that is fricking amazing.  They also  drank rum and their characters started waddling left and right and their vision got blurry. pirati2If that isn’t an authentic pirate experience then I don’t know what is! The guy steering the ship couldn’t see where he was heading as the sails were blocking the view. We’re guessing this is done to promote teamwork as another player will be in front to see where they are heading. All of a sudden one crew(the ones who were drinking rum) sees the other crew sailing towards them. The battle is imminent as both crews mount the canons and start firing at each other.

Chaos ensues and after a brief exchange of cannonballs, one ship sinks alongside its crew while the other sails away victoriously. Of course, another crew shows up and immediately starts firing. The trailer finished before we could see the winner of this exchange.

In the end, it’s better that you see it with your own eyes, so take a look below.

Written by Dante

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