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Savitar Is Flashes’ Second Villain In Season Three

Are you hyped up for the third season of the Flash? If you are, we have more news that will pump you up even more!

The second villain was announced by CW at the Television Critics’ Association press tour, so it’s official, Savitar is the second baddie that Barry will be facing.


Savitar first appeared in DC Comics in 1995. He was originally a Cold War pilot until lightning struck his plane, giving him the same speedster powers that Barry has. Savitar name originates from a Hindu god that’s also called Savitr. This villain spent a lot of his life studying his powers and finding ways to enhance them, so we’re certain that he will prove to be quite difficult to deal with. He has an ability to make a null inertia force field around himself and he can also heal any damage done to him in mere moments.


More and more speedsters are appearing, so how will Barry deal with all of them? The first episode of the third season is titled “Flashpoint,” referencing the event from the comic books. But, Grant Gustin said that even though the effects will have some sort of impact on the story, it won’t last as much as fans were expecting it to.

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