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‘The Sandman’ Leaked as Next Dead by Daylight Killer

The asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight recently saw the introduction of a couple of household Killers with Michael Myers (Halloween) and Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Going forward, we may already know who to expect when it comes to the next Killer being added to the roster, according to information found in the game, with all signs point towards the addition of ‘The Sandman.’

Surfacing on Reddit, this leak comes from info found in the game’s files, which states the following:

Latest DLC:

700280 – Cannibal LeatherFace Done (counts as chapter 6)


700281 – One Female Survivor Kate D. (counts as chapter 6)

700282 – Whole Chapter featuring The Sandman as killer + new survivor. (counts as chapter 7)

This is all speculation at this point, with no confirmation from the developers, so it’s most definitely worth taking with a pinch of salt. What this information has done is lead to speculation as to who ‘The Sandman’ is, with many believing it could point towards the inclusion of Nightmare on Elm Street’s infamous antagonist Freddy Krueger.

This is based on ‘The Sandman’ being a codename for Krueger, since Sandman evokes the idea of dreams. If not, then it could be a character loosely based on Freddy at least. Only time will tell as to who we will see as the next character, though don’t be surprised to see ‘The Sandman’ terrorizing Survivors sometime in the future.

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