Yesterday, on the official Runescape website, an announcement popped up for Build-A-Fayre, bringing the most recent event in Runescape and in this event, players assist Menowin re-decorate and restore the crater.

The crater is going to be one of the biggest attractions that the world has seen, with fairground rides, rollercoasters and much more. The community has to work as a team, and each one that helps during the restoration of the crates is going to be able to unlock and get rewards. One of those rewards is the Mystical Staff, a magical staff that can be earned rather easily; simply use two skills on the crater each day to help build it.


Once you log in to Runescape, you will get 100 basic tools to help build every day during the Build-A-Fayre. If you accidentally miss a day, you can pick these later on during the event. The tools are used for teleportation to the event, and if you consistently keep on working with the rest of the community, all participants will be able to earn EXP in certain skills as well as earn some unique rewards. The tools you are supposed to have can be obtained from the Treasure Hunter and from your daily log-in. There’s also tools that you can purchase and for that, you’ll have to speak to Menowin, who will also give context to what’s happening during the event.

Besides the previously mentioned tools, there are also Golden tools which give way better stats than the ordinary tools and can only be earned  on Treasure Hunter. These Golden tools contribute 25 times as much as the ordinary ones, and also offers 25 times the XP if the skill is over level 50, but only 10 if the skill is below level 50. For more info about the event and the rewards, visit the announcement over at the Runescape site.


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