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RuneScape’s Wonderbar is Back for Treasure Hunter

RuneScape announced the return of Wonderbar, which is great news for players that just love to open Treasure Hunter Chests. With the return of this feature, players can easily get some rare items.

The return of Wonderbar is going to be live on May 3rd and will last until the May 8th. During these days it is smart to open as many Treasure Hunter Chests as possible because that fills the Wonderbar meter. As the Wonderbar meter goes up it reaches certain rarities. Once it fills up to the purple rarity, you could activate it in order to receive an item that is either of purple rarity or higher. Activating this bar will add charges to the purple gem as well. The moment that you activate the purple at 100%, the purple gem will guarantee that you will receive a prize from the purple category.


For those that don’t know what Treasure Hunter is all about, it’s a special feature that is playable within RuneScape. This feature grants players keys which they can use in order to open Treasure Hunter Chests that contain rare items. Every RuneScape player gets a key per day, but there are plenty of ways to earn more.

Once the Wonderbar reaches a high level of rarity, a lot more purple items will be added to the ticker which will help you gain more purple items with less effort. Some of the prizes players can earn this week are the Lucky Dragon Full Helm, Lucky Dragon Chainbody, Lucky Dragon Platebody, Lucky Spectral Spirit Shield, Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield, and many more. If you want to find out more info about this promotion, visit the announcement over on the RuneScape site.

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