RuneScape: Idle Adventures Released in Steam Early Access

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Jagex, the developers of RuneScape, has teamed up with Hyper Hippo Games, the developers of Adventure Capitalist, to create RuneScape: Idle Adventures. RuneScape: Idle Adventures is exactly what its name alludes to. It’s an idle game set in the world of RuneScape. The game is currently available through Steam’s Early Access program.

RS Idle Adventures - Logo

Players assume the role of a being whose existence is a mystery to everyone, including himself/herself. By helping NPCs and completing quests, players will learn about their own origins.

As with all idle games, the gameplay revolves around waiting for tasks to be completed. The tasks available in RuneScape: Idle Adventures are found in the forms of skills (ex. Fishing, Firemaking, etc.).

RS Idle Adventures - Tasks

Completing a task will award either Blue or Red Anima, depending on whether the skill is combat-based or not. Anima are then spent to recruit more citizens to perform a task, or to level up a skill.

Watch the trailer for RuneScape: Idle Adventures below for a quick overview of all the features currently available:

As a quick reminder, keep in mind that the game is in Early Access; therefore, bugs will inevitably exist, and any feature is subject to change.

Visit RuneScape: Idle Adventures’ Steam page to download the game now!

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