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Rocket League – Neo Tokyo Arena Coming June 20th

A new arena, Neo Tokyo, is arriving in Rocket League on June 20th. Neo Tokyo features a cyberpunk style complete with lights, skyscrapers, and yes, even more lights. Appropriately, the arena comes with a Japanese announcer for a more authentic experience. The update will be free for all players.

Rocket League - Neo Tokyo

In addition to Neo Tokyo, Psyonix has also released information on two new DLC cars, ‘Masamune’ (left) and ‘Esper’ (right). Both vehicles feature a futuristic design which complements the aesthetic of Neo Tokyo.

Rocket League - Masamune and Esper

Owners of the Rocket League Collector’s Edition will gain access to Masamune and Esper on June 24th if they’re in Europe, or July 5th if they’re in North America. Unfortunately, players without the collector’s edition must wait until July 18th to purchase the DLC cars. Each car, along with the previously announced ‘Marauder’ and ‘Aftershock,’ will be priced at $1.99, or your region equivalent.

Make sure to watch the official trailer announcing Neo Tokyo, Masamune, and Esper for an idea of what to expect visually:

For a complete run-down of the changes included in the Neo Tokyo update, read Rocket League’s news post on the topic. If you don’t already own Rocket League, but the game interests you, consider purchasing it at a discounted price of $15.99 on Steam right now.

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