Rocket League

The desire for sequels is something that often divides players. Many love to see their favorite franchise continue to adapt and evolve with new games being released, which is perfectly understandable. What seems to be a more common trend in this day and age however, is that there’s a number of games that seem to fall under a certain category of something that doesn’t really need an outright sequel in order to keep up with the times. Games such as Grand Theft Auto V with GTA Online, Overwatch (though still relatively new) and in this case Rocket League, seem to continue to remain fresh within its fan base through free updates and additional content.

In terms of Rocket League, the indie smash hit car soccer phenomenon that exploded onto the scene back in 2015, the game has been subject to a number of both free and paid content injections since launch. Adding everything from new cars, cosmetics, arenas and everything else in between, the need for a sequel for the game seems to be absent compared to many other games on the market.

For starters, the game isn’t even two years old yet, and its kind of a head scratcher to think what changes are needed that are drastic enough to warrant a sequel. As stated earlier, there are those out there who would like to see a new Rocket League game, which was incidentally a topic for discussion on NeoGAF recently, where eager fans suggested implementing a potential new online season system, to basic changes such as improved graphics and servers.

Ultimately, it just seems that Rocket League (which is a sequel itself) isn’t a game that needs to be changed so much to warrant a new game at this time. It has a huge player base across all platforms, continues to add new and exciting content, and has a formula that has captured the hearts of many. As long as updates can continue to build on the core that made the game so popular in the first place, it should hold off the calls for a new entry.

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