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Rocket League Coming To Nintendo Switch November 14th

The Nintendo Switch has had many big 3rd party releases so far in its first seven or so months. But November is shaping up to be the biggest in terms of 3rd party releases. First, there’s going to be Doom on the 10th, then, on the 17th, will be Skyrim. And today, Psyonix has revealed that their hit title Rocket League is going to arrive on the 14th of November. Which no doubt makes it one of the busiest (and most expensive) weeks for those who want to get all three on the system.

Psyonix surprised everyone when they popped up at E3 to reveal that Rocket League was coming to Switch. But, according to them, fans were really asking for it, and thus they were happy to give it. What’s more, the team worked very hard with Nintendo to ensure that this version was just as good and full of content as all the other versions of the game. This includes League play, all forms of multiplayer, and even Cross-Play with other systems (not named PS4).

But of course, there will be some unique things to the Nintendo Switch version. There will be local multiplayer that players can enjoy (as it is one of the biggest hooks for the Switch), but also, some exclusive cars. There will be three new models just for the Switch versions. Two will feature the style of Mario & Luigi (as seen in the feature image above), and, there will be a car modeled after Samus Aran’s ship from the Metroid series. Trust us, it’s epic.

Rocket League has been a hit game from the start, and Psyonix has worked hard to ensure the game stays fresh and relevant. With the launch of the Switch version next month, they may have taken a big step to making that happen all over again.

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