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RIVE Is Available On Steam

RIVE is a new action-packed platformer developed and published by the Two Tribes, an independent game developer from Netherlands mostly known for their Toki Tori series. The game has received a lot of attention after Two Tribes announced that RIVE will be the last game that they make. A while ago, they made a short video about their big decision and why they won’t be making any more video games while also showcasing some gameplay.


The game is full of combat and you will face many enemies. To defeat all these foes you will have to hack their weapons, drones and similar things in order to control them. RIVE also contains a variety of terrain. You can fight underwater, on land, zero gravity, and more. Besides those components, the game has more than six hours of campaign featuring a deep story. After the campaign, more content awaits as there are Speedrun and Single-Credit modes and dozens of online leaderboards to compete in.


Players seem very satisfied with RIVE and the user review is overall positive. Hopefully, the huge support from the fans will keep Two Tribes away from early retirement and motivate them to stay in the video game industry.

The game currently has a discount on Steam, so be sure to grab it as soon as possible.

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