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Rite of Shadows Banner Released in Fire Emblem: Heroes

The second Shadows of Valentia: Echoes banner, Rite of Shadows, was released today in Fire Emblem: Heroes. Four new characters from Valentia, Celica, Boey, Mae, and Genny have been added to Fire Emblem: Heroes with Rite of Shadows.

Image: Rite of Shadows banner from Fire Emblem: Heroes

Of the new characters, Genny has been of particular interest due to her unique B skill: Wrathful Staff. At rank 3, Wrathful Staff causes the unit’s staff to deal damage using the same formula as tomes and breaths (unit’s ATK – foe’s RES). For those that aren’t familiar with how damage calculations are normally done for staves, the current formula is [(unit’s ATK – foe’s RES)/2]. Therefore, a staff user with Wrathful Staff 3 would essentially deal twice the amount of damage they would without the skill. In the current meta, staff units are poorly represented at high tiers because they lack flexibility, but Wrathful Staff changes that. Certain staff users with a naturally high ATK stat, such as Elise and Lucius, could become a secondary magic threat with Wrathful Staff.

Image: Wrathful Staff 3 from Fire Emblem: Heroes

As with all banners that introduce new characters, Rite of Shadows comes with a set of new maps and quests. Fortunately, the new maps are part of the main story maps (bundled as Chapter 11), and will, therefore, have five new maps instead of three. The quests ask players to complete each map on Lunatic difficulty with a specific unit type and all four allies surviving. Each quest rewards one Orb upon completion.

Watch the official announcement trailer by Nintendo below for a preview of each character and one of the new maps in Rite of Shadows:

The Rite of Shadows banner expires on May 30th 3:00 a.m. EST, so make sure to finish summoning and complete your quests before then. Which new Shadows of Valentia: Echoes character are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, good luck with your summoning!

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