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Riot Turns Back Hands of Time in NA LCS League of Legends Match

The highly anticipated match up between League of Legends NA LCS Spring Split leaders Cloud9, and their former challenger team who battled their way into the LCS to become FlyQuest, did not disappoint. The match had all the excitement of the best League of Legends games, plus the added bonus of a brand new “remake” tool from Riot, the Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool, also now known as the Chronobreak Tool.

League of Legends NA LCS Spring Split Fly vs. C9

The history behind Week 4’s match up of the top two NA LCS teams in the standings right now could not have been more intertwined. Over half of FlyQuest’s players were former Cloud9 starters. Considered past their prime, they were relegated to the organizations challenger team, only to fight their way back into the LCS. Due to recent changes in the NA LCS rule book, that meant they had to part ways with Cloud9 and form a new team, FlyQuest.

But another caveat exists in that story. Cloud9 Challenger featured rookie jungler Contractz throughout their rise in the NA CS league. But his performance was so promising that he was bumped up to the big leagues, joining Cloud9 as their starting jungler. FlyQuest was left to scramble for a new jungler, landing Moon, who was replaced on Team Liquid by Reignover.

With FlyQuest coming out of the gates strong and maintaining the gold lead in game one, it looked a bit tense for Cloud9, who had yet to give up a series in the Spring Split. But the team was able to come out on top in some very long team fights and take Game 1. FlyQuest came back in Game 2, with Hai shotcalling on his nimble Corki, forcing the series to a third game.

The Miss Fortune Bug and the Chronobreak

That final game went just over 10 minutes before coming to a full stop. As it turned out, AD Carry for FlyQuest Altec requested an inquiry into a failed play that happened in the bottom lane that he thought was evidence of a bug.

As the pause went upwards of 15 minutes (eventually extending to over half an hour), it became clear that there was indeed something wrong with what happened. After LemonNation locked down Smoothie with his ultimate, Altec popped his Bullet Time on Miss Fortune, but the entirety of the attack was blocked by a cannon minion.

This was officially ruled an unintended bug that blocked both the animation and the damage from the skill according to Riot, and contrary to what a number of people have been saying on Reddit, based on speculation at the analyst desk during the pause before the full information was released.

To resolve the situation, Riot pulled out a new Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool, nicknamed Chronobreak. The tool allowed event organizers to roll the game back to just before the engage that went in Cloud9’s favor after the bug. While the outcome of the engage was reversed, Cloud9 didn’t let the ruling or the lost engage affect their momentum. They would close out the close series 2-1 to remain undefeated, and at the top of the NA LCS Spring Split 2017 ladder.

For more information on the Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool, check out the Reddit thread with input from the developers and referees at Riot.


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