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Riot Releases League of Legends Skins Name Rejects

The latest /dev diary from the folks at Riot discuss the process behind naming their myriad of League of Legends champion skins. One of their in-house writers, kantayams, discusses the ins and outs of naming the character variations. The sweet treat at the end are some of Riot’s rejected skin names.

League of Legends Skins

The /dev diary is an interesting look inside the development process that leads to the production of new skins at Riot. It seems that since Riot stopped supporting two versions of their game client, they’ve had some time on their hands to delve into some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into League of Legends. For instance, they also recently revealed the original inspirations for the SKT 2016 World Championship skins’ unique recalls, with the players acting them out.

Now, they’re showing a glimpse at the process behind designing a skin. According to the /dev diary post, it all starts with product teams, who define the skins core concepts and draft some early versions of the visuals.

Then comes the name storm, where members of the massive Riot team get together to brainstorm various potential names for the skins. Interestingly, localization can often be an issue. For instance, the word “Program” in a skin name wasn’t going to sit well with a Brazilian audience.

league of legendsSo, a lot of research goes into making sure the team can dodge all the bullets that might be heading their way, given that League of Legends has players and fans all over the world.

The big payoff are all the rejected names at the end of the article. Some highlights include Seadog Twisted Fate, Finis Mundi Nautilus, and Invincible Lee Sin, which basically happened anyway at MSI with Peanut. Check out the original article for all the details. And let us know what some of your favorite skins are in the comments below. It’s worth noting that kantayams’ icon is Pug’Maw.

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