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The Lead Producer for League of Legends, New001, took to YouTube today to offer a look at some of the things the development team at Riot Games is working on for the MOBA in the coming year. He discusses the ongoing client update, a rework to both the honor and rune/mastery systems, and a new style of amateur team competition.

League of Legends in 2017

Riot Games has been making strides in listening to their large player base about how they can update and improve the game. One recent example of this is the practice tool, which was a long time topic among the players, and made it into the game this past February.

With that out of the way, the developers are turning their attention to a number of other features to improve League of Legends. First on New001’s mind is the client update, because, as he points out, operating with two clients is rather inefficient. The new client has been in beta and is an option for players, and, according to the video, around half of the players globally have made the switch. At this point, it’s clear that the old client is on its way out.

New001 also briefly discusses a rework to the game’s honor system. This system has been around for years and has mostly remained unchanged. Players can choose to honor their teammates or opponents after a match, and the amount of honor achieved is recorded in a player’s profile. Earning enough honor consistently and from a variety of players can result in an honor badge.

league of legends
Issuing honor in the old client, image via Engadget

According to New001, this system seems dislocated from a player’s actual performance, and doesn’t do enough to inspire good sportsmanship. He does not offer to many details on what the team has in mind for the new system, but mentions that they will be ready to make an announcement about that in the near future.

Before reiterating Riot’s dedication to listening to their players’ requests, New001 also mentions that the team is working on a new amateur competitive mode. This is still in the early design stages, and could go a number of different ways, but the team would like to deliver something akin to the professional circuit experience to a much wider audience, and to players at a wider variety of skill levels.

Riot is constantly working to make League of Legends the best MOBA experience that it can be for all players. Be sure to check back with us for future developments.


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