Riot Games Reverses League Of Legends Bans

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For online games, there’s a lot of rules and expectations that the developers have for the players of their games. The biggest may be, “Don’t cheat!” But sometimes they have to go a little deeper than that, because players get crafty and figure out very legitimate ways to game the system. So companies like Riot Games have to explain what is fair game and what is not. Should a player or players not follow the terms they’ve outlined, then they will get banned from the game. But a recent League of Legends ban has Riot Games apologizing.

Determining who deserves to be banned can be a grey area, as one player found out earlier this year. Riot actually revised their terms on banning, after the case of a support roaming Nunu who was banned for griefing and intentional losing, but found to have legitimate intent to win. Now, in EU, some players were utilizing a pacifistic strategy in Acension to try and draw at games for as long as possible. They were banned for trolling the game.

But after review (and feedback from the League of Legends community), they decided to reverse their decision.

“As far as Ascension, the pacifist strategy is actually just fine, however it’s deeply unhealthy and unfun when players abuse it to stretch a game to absurd lengths in an effort to force opponents to surrender.”

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Source: League of Legends on YouTube

As such, Riot Games will be looking for ways to adjust the game mode so that this strategy isn’t as potent as it is now, thus ensuring that bans like this don’t happen again. In the process, they feel that they are making League of Legends stronger because of this.

So the lesson here is if you think you’ve been wronged, speak to the dev team about it,because even they make mistakes. Just be sure though to not push things too far.

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