A contest just launched for the MOBA veteran League of Legends in Korea, hosted by Riot Games and Naver. The event revolves around achievements showcased in videos.

Starting today, January 11th, the League of Legends video competition asks Korean players to share their achievements, but it’s not that simple. The contest comes in 4 parts with different focus topics. According to IPNN, the first theme is “Pentakill”, and ends on January 22nd. For those few that do not know, the Pentakill requires you to beat 5 enemies alone. To enter the competition, players are to submit a video of them committing the Pentakill in LoL.

If our translation attempts are correct, those who are in the Top 5 will receive 30,000 RP for LoL and 100 players will be rewarded with 10,000 KRW. Additionally, the best videos will be presented by none other than the famous LoL eSports team SK Telecom T1. The submitted videos will be evaluated by both game officials/professional gamers and by common players, in a 50-50 ratio.

This competition is really an interesting way to pay more attention to League of Legend’s huge community, and we would like to see such events taking place in EU and NA regions too. We are quite sure that there will be plenty of participants submitting their videos, so if you are a Korean player and witnessing a Pentakill, you are probably being recorded.

We will do our best to bring you more information about this Riot Games and Naver collaboration. Let us know how you feel about these types of contests, and whether you would like to see more of this in your own region as well. Like, comment and share!

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