league of legends

To quell the flames after they officially retired the Legacy Client and moved all League of Legends players over to the new version, Riot Games has released detailed notes on what they are addressing with the client, as well as what they intend to address and what takes priority.

League of Legends Client Changes

Moving to the new client was a big step for League of Legends, and according to Riot Games, it was a necessary one for them to continue developing the MOBA. After all, the Legacy Client had been around since the game’s original release in 2009. Note that the announcement at the time stated the game would be available in retail stores. What a riot.

league of legends

Flash forward nearly eight years, and the game has changed a lot. The new client opens it up for even more changes and possibilities, but it has a ways to go before the public deems it to be even as functional as the Legacy Client was, may it rest in peace.

According to the kindly Riot Cactopus, the roll out for the new client went smoothly, with no major issues. But there are a few things to address before the new client is really up to speed. Item sets, for one, has sent a number of players into a rage. They’ve been carried over into the new client, but players can’t yet edit or modify them. That issue is marked as “ongoing” in terms of developer focus.

Things to come down the road include purchasing skins during champion select (“We’ll make it so it works everywhere so we can always take your money”) as well as a smaller window to edit masteries before matches, and reducing the clicks to get into a match. The post also promises more to come, now that the team isn’t maintaining two separate clients.


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