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Rift’s Summer Solstice Update

Summer is here, and along with the dreaded heat comes an update for Rift. This allows those people who aren’t really into swimming and sunbathing to do something productive. By that, we mean slaughtering tons of monsters and collecting precious loot. The update seems quite interesting and it has a lot of new features that may attract some new players.


Let’s start with some of the classic soul , which are getting reworked. They are getting buffed, some get some cool new abilities and that should allow for class synergy. The first ones that are getting changed are the Elementalist, Druid, Berserker and the Warlord. Three more souls will be updated, but that’s happening later in the season.


Summerfest is back, and it’s packed with awesome rewards like the Piñatas artifact and the Alsbeth’s Raiment which is one of the most requested outfits in the game.

The game is also upgrading to 64-Bit, which will make the game run smoother, and it will also increase its performance. Alpha for that version is in July, not yet known when exactly.

The update is quite big, and there are even more options to check out. You can read about the guilds for new players and the dungeon’s veteran system here!

Written by Dante

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