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Rift – Minions, Minions Everywhere!


If you are a Rift player like we are, then you love all those cute little minions that run around and help you gather all the goods. Once you get the first one you can’t stop and you need to have them all. It’s like an obsession.

If you didn’t know, according to Dan “Snedhepl” Hollinger, the lead engineer, the minion managing is the second most popular activity in Rift besides adventuring. As we find out, there is no defined number of minions in the game, but it’s close to 200, by close we mean that’s the minimum. Really, we don’t know how many are there. For those who still don’t know how to get them, it’s fairly simple. You can get them from various sources, such as quests and achievements, artifact collections, RIFT Store, Holiday and World events, charity fundraisers, the auction house or you can simply craft them. As you can see, there are many ways to get them so pick one and start from there.


Now, let’s say something about minions in general. They can level up to 25. While leveling their stamina increases, which allows you to send them on missions (Adventures) more frequently. There are different types of minions and you are allowed to own only one minion type, but you can sell, trade and give away the ones you don’t need.

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