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As you all already know, MMOExaminer was given the chance to massively participate in the Phase 3 Riders Of Icarus CBT event. We had a bunch of Beta Keys...

website_preview_1200x630As you all already know, MMOExaminer was given the chance to massively participate in the Phase 3 Riders Of Icarus CBT event. We had a bunch of Beta Keys thanks to Nexon and we  made good use of them.

The third CBT phase enabled players to try Riders of Icarus one last time before the release. Having that in mind, we also let ourselves get pulled into a vast world of Icarus.

We will keep it nice and short, and we’ll try not to spoil too much. First of all, we would note that the game is still in closed beta so some content and game mechanics can change.

Here comes our personal overview of the game!

We spent roughly 3 days playing Riders of Icarus, and we felt like we only scratched the surface. The game is really simple to understand but there are so many things to do in it.

1. Character customization

The character creator  is quite simple and something that we are already used to. We definitely loved the number of sliders the customization had to offer. The classes weren’t gender locked and they all had a nicely written description. We won’t lie, it took us about half an hour to build a great Barbarian.

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2. Starting tutorial

We must say, the start was quite turbulent. It felt like we were thrown into the game and had to activate fast learning mode in our heads. Fortunately, we have a ton of experience so it wasn’t that demanding.

3. Leveling up and game progression

Our first thought was that it won’t take us too long to get to a higher level in the game, and we were not entirely wrong, but far from right as well. The questing was fun and fast, but the experience rewards weren’t that rewarding. It took us approximately 2 hours of unpaused gameplay to get to level 10. On the good side, all the levels were done through questing and zero mob grinding which is really good.


4. Mounts/Familiars and Pets

The most recognizable trait in this game are the Familiars. We will admit, in some situations we felt like we were playing Pokemon, and we say that in a good way because there are no limitations when it comes to catching them. From small mobs that respawn every few seconds to the big bosses, if you can catch it you will own it. To be honest, the biggest chunk of our time went on catching as many mounts as possible. The mini-game that happens while catching them is really fun and intense.

Additionally, all the familiars you catch can be transformed into pets. All you have to do is combine them with the special scroll and that’s it. The pets are more like your allies in the game, they will follow you and fight next to you.

5. Game mechanics

The overall atmosphere of  Riders Of Icarus is really pleasant. It has everything an MMO should have and more, but the game mechanics are something we wanted to point out. Unlike all other MMOs where you aither TAB target or have a crosshair, Riders of Icarus offers you a choice. Whether you play as Assassin or  a Priest, you can choose and switch anytime between Standard and Action mode gameplay.


Bottom line is that this game will gather many, casual and hardcore MMO lovers and give them something new and special to do. We definitely encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself that our little overview is realistic.

Feel free to join us on the battlefield and soar  in the blue skies along with the other Riders… of Icarus.

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