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Riders of Icarus’ Producer’s Letter On Bots & Spammers

Riders of Icarus has been dealing with a lot of bots and spammers for a while now, and the players have been complaining a lot. Now the game’s producer posted a letter that explains if and how they will deal with this problem. Right at the start, it’s said that the developers knew how the game was full of bots and spammers ever since Head Start. Temporary measures have been implemented here and there, but there was no permanent solution and the development team was mostly silent about the problem.


They said that botting and hacking measures will be coming in the next series of updates. But that’s not all, as GMs will now patrol the game with tools to hastily track down and remove any exploiters. The automated system from the game will also be revamped and an in-game report system will also be added.


As far as the spammers are concerned, they will be subjected to a precise real-time filter. This will allow the team to adapt to the spammers quickly and also improve the filters when needed to. This will be accomplished by working together with other Nexon America teams, so we are expecting them to resolve this quickly.

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