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Revelation Online Introduces Blademaster

revelation-light-bladerRevelation Online is a fantasy MMORPG where you travel on breathtaking adventures, battle other players, enjoy various special classes, customize your characters, along with other features. It has an enormous open world for gamers to explore, which means that there might be a lot of hidden mysterious places making the game more attractive as it is. The game is free to play and currently in development. Players should expect massive dungeons, raids and similar activities in the game.

Currently, there are six classes, with the newest one being introduced in the recent trailer, called Blademaster. If you didn’t guess already, the class includes lots of blade-wielding which can be tricky and might require significant skill. Expect to see Blademasters in every corner of the map because it is going to be everyone’s new favorite class.


As you can clearly see from the trailer, the new Blademaster class has pretty good-looking gear on their characters and most likely will be the biggest damage dealer in PvP, dungeons, and raids. If you are a player that enjoys bursting down opponents with giant swords, this class is made for you.

If you want to find out more info about Revelation Online, visit their official website.

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