Revelation Online Bulwark

Revelation Online is gearing up for its next big beta test they call CBT3, and with this new beta, comes loads more content for players to enjoy. So, in a very special post, the team behind the game outlined a bunch of the new PVE (Player-vs-Event) content that’ll be available in this beta.

First off, are the brand new dungeons. First is Grand Bulwark. Which will feature 4 bosses, for 4 different levels of difficulty depending on your level. If you’re level 50 or under, you’ll get the Easy setting. Level 52-54, the Normal setting. Level 55 is hard, and if you do a 10-Man run at Level 55, you’ll get the extreme difficulty.

Then, you got the Mech Citadel! Which is a place overrun by machines, and you have to defend Nuanor from these mecha fiends! Finally, the Tower of Pain, where you not only have to defeat 7 bosses, but you have to do it in 30 minutes, else, failure!!!

Want something a little less harrowing? Well, there’s some more basic questions for you to do.

For example, you can use the Adventurer’s Guild System by checking the bulletin boards around Nuanor to participate in new quests if you are level 50 or higher. If you work hard enough, you can become a Rank S Adventurer, and get some cool rewards.

Then, there are the Faction Bulletin Requests, which are similar to adventurer guild’s bulletin quests, as you can accept these quests only if you’re level 50 or higher. Now, each region will have different quests for you to take, so you’ll have to explore a bit if you need to look for something specifically.

Revelation Online Funland

If you’re more into tag-team or party questions, then you’ll want to check outReason’s Grief. For as long as you’re Level 40 or over, you’ll be able to team up with 3-5 friends to face the 6 sins in this amazing daily event. Also, you’ll be able to head over to the Immortal Annex to stop hideous monsters, collect their tokens and exchange them for glorious rewards.

And there’s still LOTS more in this content addition. Check out their official announcement page for the full breakdown.

The beta for Revelation Online begins January 19th, are you ready for all that’s coming?


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