Revelation Online Official Announcement Trailer

Mustapha R. Price
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A new MMORPG is entering the arena, and it goes by the name of Revelation Online. The announcement of this new game, being developed by NetEase comes with a brand new announcement trailer. This combat and narrative-centric game will combine fluid aerial motion with a free open world.


Be it solo or in a group, players can experience Revelation Online’s story as they participate in journeys to uncover the mysteries of a unique artifact. Players can also join raids of up to 20 players as they aim to defeat towering bosses in strange dungeons.

Aside from exploring the world with one’s wings, players can also find themselves in online competitive scenarios, where they face off in a versatile PvP environment suitable both for casual and hardcore players. From small arena duels, to large scale castle sieges and cross server wars, multiplayer competition is at noRevelation Online shortage in this new MMO.

Revelation Online also boasts an incredible level of character creation control, thanks to an extensive class skill system that allows for a vast amount of varying builds. This allows players to dictate their style of combat.

For more information about Revelation Online as well as access to a sign-up page for the Beta, please visit the official website here!


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