Revelation Online

Let’s be honest, the internet is not a safe place. No matter where you turn, there’s a virus, malware program, phishing software, or some other hack that’s trying to get your information. Nothing is sacred anymore. When it comes to online games, the danger takes on several forms as sometimes you have to link your personal information or banking/credit card information to accounts to perform all sorts of payment. This can leave you vulnerable to attacks, and games like Revelation Online don’t want you to be hacked.

What’s worse, if someone figures out your login and password, they can technically control your character and RO doesn’t want that either. details ways you can ensure that your account is as safe as can be, even if the worst should happen.

First up, you can make a password for your inventory. By doing this, you’ll hopefully prevent people from getting rid of your items to mess with you, or putting you close to a character they own so you can “give” your items to them. They’re even throwing in a lock function so that you yourself can’t accidentally get rid of something by clicking the wrong button.

Revelation Online

Other tips they give include not sharing your account information. While it may be ok to tell your friends who you trust, do it carefully┬áso that someone else won’t hear or see it. If you have a account, don’t use it and its password to play Revelation Online, for if someone cracks that, it could lead to your game account being hacked too.

Finally, be aware of what to do if you think you have been hacked. Report it to the Support team for the game, and reset any and all passwords you have. There may be a wait for some, but it’s better to wait and be safe than don’t and risk being robbed again.


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