Revelation Online: Nuanor Fly-Through on YouTube!

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bannerRevelation Online is drumming up the hype with a rather impressive fly-through of the gameplay environment, available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The game seems to touch on the player experience not only through gameplay but through the world itself, making it attractive for both solo and party exploration.


The entire fly-through uses real gameplay footage– the video glides through the world of Nuanor, #nofilter, showing fans just what they will be up against in terms of fighting off procrastination.

With the thought of the game featuring character flight, soak up all the beautiful environments and locations in the video just begging to be explored by budding adventurers and veteran wanderers. You can literally fly anywhere within the world, or so says the website.


All in all, the video shows a very rich, living and breathing diverse world that by itself could provide hundreds of hours of gameplay- an impressive feat for a title that players report runs smoothly for a Revelation Online pre-beta.

Aside from exploration, citizens of Nuanor can keep themselves busy with solo and group quests and raids that will further develop the story.

Continuing the theme of freedom, players can roll any playstyle without any typical boundaries found in other games- let’s hope that lets us see more diversity and excitement in PvP.

Read more about the game and check out the upcoming Closed Beta on their website here.

Don’t forget to fly through the lands of Nuanor on YouTube!

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