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Revelation Online To Have More Localization Done By Q3 2017

It’s a big world we live in, and through it, we get to experience some pretty cool things. But one of the big reasons for that is because even when things are “born” in one language, it can be translated into another. This means¬†that nothing ever has to “stay” in one place because people outside of where the media was created can’t understand it. This goes especially for video games, where titles are developed all over the world, and then are localized so people can see/hear it in their native tongues. For the MMORPG Revelation Online, this has been a big goal of theirs.

You might not believe this since the only language Revelation Online is in right now is English, but the team has been working very hard to try and get more languages into the game. As they admitted in a post on their website, this took a lot longer than expected, but they’re finally making headway. By their calculations, they should have both French and German localizations up by this year. They estimate Q3 2017 as the time it’ll likely hit.

Revelation Online

As for where the progress stands right now, the team revealed that tests for the localization of both languages are currently going on in closed servers. They want to ensure both a quality translation, as well as the polish that you might expect from a video game. For those who don’t understand the struggle of localization, it’s more than just translating words. In fact, one of the reasons localization takes so long is because some words don’t translate, and they need to find suitable solutions to this problem.

The other thing is that localization is also a programming problem, as they need to go over everything to ensure the proper text shows up in the right language. The team promises to continue the updates for this and other localizations.

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