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Revelation Online Introduces Monthly Challenge Event

Revelation Online players did a lot of dangerous quests that took them to life-threatening situations only to make money and get various rewards. The Revelation Online team decided to make a monthly event called Monthly Challenge. In it, players will take part in new, unique challenges that could potentially yield some highly valuable rewards.

Each month full of challenges will reward the players who are able to complete the challenge with special rewards that will be different each month. The variety of challenges that you get throughout each month cover pretty much every aspect of Revelation Online, with challenges that are related to exploration, crafting, raids, and a lot of more similar activities.

The month of July has an interesting challenge which tasks you with becoming a journalist for the latest Territory Wars. A lot of interesting battles will come and go throughout the month of July, and you’ll have to cover it from your perspective in a way that is both fun and informative. After you write the piece, you can share it on the dedicated post that Revelation Online will feature via Facebook.Revelation Online

The challenge has 5 spots for the top 5 battle reports for 3 languages – English, French, and German. The top 5 will go home with fantastic gifts that get better the higher you place. See the official post for full details on the prizes available to win this month.

One entry is allowed for every user and the winners will be picked and announced by the Revelation Team. The event has already started as of July 1st and will end on July 31st so make sure to submit your entry on the official Facebook post if you want to compete.

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