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Revelation Online Introduces Faery Agency

MMORPGs are full of content for players to enjoy. From massive quests that take them all over, to dungeons and raids that can get them into some epic boss fights for mighty weapons and armor, there’s a lot to do. But there’s also the chance to have some fun in these games. In fact, there are whole sections of MMORPGs that are dedicated to bring players a little bit of whimsical fun. In the case of Revelation Online, they have the Faery Agency.

What’s the Faery Agency? Well, it’s a very special place run by Volopines, and they have one mission – to work with everyone across Nuanor to create special celebrations and mini-games for people to enjoy.

So how this works is that you can go to the Agency, and let them know what you want to do. You can get tickets for mini-games and rides, or get treasure maps for some special treasure hunting. Whatever you want to do, they can help you, as long as it’s fun of course.

Plus, by doing things like¬†Curious Events, Fish Parties, Star Velvet Weddings, Lady of the Forest, and Secret Alchemy, you’ll actually earn favor with the Agency. And like everything else in Revelation Online, gaining favor with as many people as possible is a good thing. Additionally, you’ll get rewards for completing games and tasks.

Oh, and you might recall awhile ago we talked about this epic amusement park in Nuanor called Faerie Funland? Yeah, the Faery Agency did that, that’s their amusement park, so if you really want to have fun, you can go there. The entire place is a giant board game!

So, as you can see, there’s a lot of fun things to do because of the Faery Agency, so be sure to visit them when you play Revelation Online next.

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