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Revelation Online To Hold Special Cosplay Contest

There are a lot of ways to show appreciation for the video games that you love. Some just show it by playing the game over and over again. Some take to the internet and show their love by talking about it with other players. A few use their artist skills and decide to make cool drawings of their favorite characters or areas, or something else entirely. But then, there are a few who take the passion to a whole new level by actually dressing up as characters or creatures from their favorite games. This is cosplay, and it’s getting acknowledged by a lot of people the world over, including Revelation Online, who has been inspired by it.

Inspired how? Well, they found out that two cosplayers named Erza and Kakao were dressing up as characters from both Revelation Online and Skyforge at the upcoming Role-Playing Convention that they are set to attend, and they want people to come and meet them so that they can see these grand cosplays. But then, they also want to put the challenge to players to do their own Revelation Online cosplays and bring them to Gamescom, where the team will be holding a special cosplay contest.

The team encourages you to try it out, and see if you can make an outfit to represent your favorite character in the game. Or, if you’re at the con but can’t participate, check out the other cosplayers, like Erza and Kakao and see what they did to make their outfits! You never know, they might inspire you to go the extra mile to try and make your own.

Cosplay is a beautiful thing, and when you see magnificent outfits made by people you can’t help but try and make your own. So if you’re a Revelation Online player, embrace that urge and go for it.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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