Revelation Online

A new guide popped up in the news section of the Revelation Online website, where they often introduce players to certain areas. They also mention the history and culture of those locations. The time has come for Snowpine Reach to get its own guide, which will certainly help players get through the land with more knowledge than others.

The setting of Snowpine Reach is defined by the great architecture and buildings of the area as well as the snow that fits it very well. The location above a forest called Tusenwoods, north-east of Nuanor. Those who are brave enough to live in this cold environment have to learn how to make cozy clothes using the tools and materials that the land offers.


Sadly, the weather is not the only problem that the residents of this place deal with, because of the fact that Snowpine Reach is where one of Nuanor’s biggest rivalries is set. The rivalry is between two factions: the Wingar and the Ursids. Both of these decided that this is the best location for their lookout for resources and claim control of the land in this area. Because of this, battles have been raging for quite a while now and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon.


Nevertheless, upon entering Snowpine Reach, you will get to meet a lot of friendly people that somehow stay positive while all of this is happening. If you want to get some reputation around this place, speak to Commerce Steward. He will grant you daily quests that can help you with that. If you manage to get a lot of reputation, you could as well earn yourself a couple of rewards. Grab your coat and give Snowpine Reach a visit, but be sure to check out the original post on the official Revelation Online site before heading off.


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