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Revelation Online Explains Character Cultivation

In MMORPGs, while there’s always the option to explore alone and raise up your character solo, a vast majority of players prefer to play in groups. Some do it for fun, others for honor and loyalty, and some others like the perks that you can get by doing things in groups. To that end, Guilds are a very popular part of the genre. For Revelation Online, they’re not only wanting players to join Guilds, they’re going to give rewards for their loyalty to their guilds if they’re able to complete certain tasks.

They call it Character Cultivation. To put it into context, this is more about your inner character rather than the literal character you control. Regardless, Revelation Online has made this feature to boost your character’s stats, as long as you show your loyalty to your Guild.

In every Guild, there is a Cultivation Space. You will need to upgrade this space in order to get the boosts and rewards. You do that by having the proper materials, funds, and level requirements. The more you cultivate, the more requirements you’ll need to meet, and in some cases, you’ll need to have enough so that other characters can get their cultivation too.

Revelation Online Cultivation

In order to get these advancements, you can exchange¬† Excelsion, Fealty and Plumblossom Fruit for the upgrades. as previously stated, the more upgrades you want to do, the more of these items you’ll need to get.

In return for the cultivation, you get three stat upgrades broken down into Life Force, Battlefield, or Fire Plume. Life Force increases your health, mana, damage, armor stats, and healing. Battlefield focuses on your attack, defense, and counter abilities. Finally, Fire Plume helps you with spell defense, demon break, defense essence, and break essence.

These stats will improve with every upgrade, and you can upgrade them many times, making this a must have for any who play Revelation Online.

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