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Revelation Online Details Emollion

When it comes to MMORPGs, there’s a need to fill the massive world they live in with important locations, numerous races, and reasoning behind every place players should go. After all, if it’s not interesting, why should they care? Revelation Online has been building up its world and the information about its world via information posts on their website. And now, they’ve revealed the latest location, and it’s one that holds a very special meaning for some tricksters in the game world.

Welcome to Emollion, while that doesn’t sound very special in the name aspect, it does have a great importance, as it’s the home of the Volopines. If you don’t remember them, they’re a race of raccoon shape-shifters that are all around you in Revelation Online. They’re known for being tricksters, and also for their love of wine and food. So, why would you go to the home of these pranksters? Why, for quests of course!

Revelation Online

That’s right, just because these guys love to put the wool over people’s eyes (sometimes literally) it doesn’t mean they don’t need help sometimes, and that’s where you come in. In fact, much like the other factions and races of Revelation Online, if you do quests for the Volopines you’ll get reputation points with them, and if you get enough, you’ll get access to the Quartermaster who has exclusive items you’ll only be able to get through him in this area.

Emollion’s¬†location is also important in regards to a major challenge in the game. For nearby there is one of the major world bosses of the game, Hogwash. This beast will be a great challenge, so you can use the village to stock up on what you need before trying to take him down.

So as you can see, the home of the Volopines has much to offer you, so don’t be afraid to go and visit.

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