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Revelation Online Anime Debuting In China On April 26th

There are many different ways to promote video games beyond the standard ads, and through the years, companies have been trying to make sure that everyone knows about their game even if they don’t play video games. One of the more interesting things companies sometimes do is make shows based off of their games so people can see their world in a whole new life. That is what Revelation Online is doing, and it’s about to make its debut in China next week.

On April 26th, the anime for the MMORPG will air. Now, it obviously won’t be a point for point match to the MMORPG, if for no other reason than it would be very problematic. That being said, it still appears to have a very deep story that could intrigue many anime fans.

The Revelation Online anime is about two gods, a brother and a sister, who watch over the world. The brother basically becomes a demon, and through this goes a rampage to try and destroy the world. Knowing he must be stopped, the sister allies herself with others to seal him away. However, because of her love for her brother, she puts a “flaw” in the seal. Fast forward to the present, and the seal is appearing to be ready to break.

Currently, Revelation Online is in beta in Europe and North America, and the team is still revealing facts about the game. Recently, they announced one of the races of the world. But in China, it’s already out, and so the anime is here to help boost it’s potential popularity.

Revelation Online isn’t the first to do this, but if it’s successful, it could mean a lot of things. Including a potential dubbing in the west. Would you watch the anime? Let us know in the comments below.

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