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RetroNight: Soul Calibur 2

While the weapon based fighting game series came a long way from the old days, Soul Calibur is a franchise that had anything but humble beginnings. This title shook the world of fighting games for numerous reasons. This RetroNight will be telling you a bit about a game that a lot of us have come to know and love.

90963-soulcalibur-ii-gamecube-screenshot-cassandra-attacking-yoshimitsusSoul Calibur today is known for its extensive character creation tools. Mechanically, the game is really not all that interesting anymore. It’s simple enough, good for fun and a few laughs, but it simply isn’t the fast-paced fighting action you expect. The level of customization alone makes the game fun, and gives it the opportunity to really kill a few extra hours for you.

Soul Calibur 2 in particular is unique in that it brings in quite a few interesting crossover characters. If the battle between Link and Spawn is something you’re interested in, for instance, that’s an easy way to get your hands on that fight.

In a similar way, other games in the series have tried to replicate the charm, but to no avail. The uniqueness of ring-outs in a 3D fighting game influenced experiences like Dragon Ball fighting games for years to come.

If you’re interested in experiencing the classic nature of fighting games before they found their footing, check out Soul Calibur 2.

Written by Mustapha R. Price

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