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RetroNight: Pokemon Emerald

This week on RetroNight, in preparation for the launch of Pokemon: Sun and Moon we’ll be covering what is largely considered to be the best Pokemon game of all time. Pokemon Emerald Version, for Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance console, revolutionized the series.

emeraldBy the time the third generation of games came around, it was clear that the formula was starting to become stale. It was expected that you would pursue eight badges by completing the gyms, and subsequently challenge the coveted Pokemon League, for a shot at the championship.

Pokemon Emerald is a prime example of endgame content at its finest. The game itself wasn’t particularly unique or striking in any way compared to the original titles in the series. What really sold the deal was the Battle Frontier. This included experiences such as the Battle Factory, which was far ahead of its time. It was essentially like the Arena in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft before the digital TCG even existed.

The Frontier Brains serving as super-bosses really cemented the concept of hidden challenges for players willing to go the extra mile.

These things of course, are only complemented by the inherent genius of the early design choices of the Pokemon franchise.

Written by Mustapha R. Price

Mustapha is a young yet spirited university student majoring in Game Art and Development. While he’s but a senior in college, he has an extensive history with the art of gaming journalism. Managing his own game review blog for several years, as well as attending events such as Boston FIG and PAX East has given him extensive experience in covering game news. His knowledge of game design also serves as a tool to develop finite understanding of what makes games work.

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