RetroNight: Mega Man X

Mustapha R. Price
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Mega Man X is a sequel series to the critically acclaimed platformer series from the NES era titled Mega Man. The X series has more dynamic action, power-ups and upgrades to adapt movement, and most notably, a fully integrated and in-depth storyline.


In the year 21xx the world is divided into factions. Those who believe that Reploids exist to serve humans, or Mega Man XMaverick Hunters, and the Mavericks who wish to lead a rebellion against humanity.

The Mavericks are led by Commander Sigma, who may be one of the most persistent and annoying villains in video game history.

Mechanically, this game controlled like a dream. Zipping and dashing through dynamic environments, reacting to incline and decline in such a natural and physical way. Being able to store a charge shot while dashing and jumping to make for focused and intense combat. The bosses were unique with patterns that were somewhat difficult to identify.

The visuals and themes were simply far beyond its time, and despite the fact that fans will argue in favor of the classics, Mega Man X and all of its follow-up titles offer one of the greatest platforming experiences of the era. It is without a doubt, one of the best games of all time.

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