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RetroNight: Mega Man Battle Network

Perhaps the most underrated of the Mega Man spin-off games, Mega Man Battle Network takes our platforming hero off the robotic battlefield and onto the world wide web!

Take control of Lan Hikari as he uses his Net Navi (a virtual partner and friend) Mega Man.Exe to take on the WWW, a group of online terrorists using the web to take control of appliances, and damage people’s homes.

Mega Man Battle NetworkThis group, led by the mysterious Lord Wily is bent on taking down everyone in their paths. Lan and friends must work together to take the fight right back to them.

This weird shift takes us from the platforming roots of Mega Man into new territory, as this game is more along the lines of an RPG. Similar in some regards to Pokemon, players will find the environments, characters, and gameplay very endearing.

This six game series uses a combat system based entirely on battle chips, a collectible and consumable weapon that will enhance Mega Man’s fighting style. Build your chip lineup like a deck in a card game, and navigate a 9×9 grid with varying weapons to take down viruses and other Net Navis.

The story, while youthful in tone, offers a very compelling experience, where the purpose of your battle unfolds more and more as you seek out your foes. The mystery of Mega Man, as well as how Net Navis came to be, along with much more is available here.

These Gameboy Advance classics are available on the Wii U virtual console. Mega Man Battle Network is well worth your time.

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