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The Repopulation 16.7.2 Build goes live

MMORPG The Repopulation has rolled out its latest patch, bringing a variety of customisation options and fixes to previous issues. Snapping housing objects such as force fields, fences and walls amongst others have been improved thanks to UI/UX changes, making a smoother transition for players. Armoured vehicles have also been improved following reports from the previous patch, and will now be easier to navigate.


The 16.7.2 build brings further upgrades to features in The Repopulation, including the re-scaling of damage and armour for pets, improvements made to the user interface and optimization, and new audio effects for vehicles. Particular bugs where gamers would experience issues with dropped bags and looted corpses have now also been addressed. You can find the full comprehensive list of bug fixes here.

The sandbox multiplayer from Iron Will Games leaves the last of human population battling it out for survival on the planet Rhyldan. The Repopulation gives gamers the freedom to choose their own path in terms of how they play the game, offering both combat and non-combat options. Whether you want to rely on your instincts to survive in the wilderness or become an active part of the conflict taking play, you decide your own fate in this free-to-play action adventure.

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