The Repopulation 16.7.1 Build Is Live

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by Dante

The Repopulation is an MMORPG set in a science fiction setting. The game focuses on social aspects as well as sandbox driven gameplay.


Well, today it got a new update!

The 16.7.1 build brings 2 major features, the initial implementation of weapons for vehicles and introduction of a new ruleset GUI.

The first feature can be seen on the new armored vehicles. This is a first pass implementation, and it may add the ability to rotate your cannon. You can also have it controlled by one of the passenger slots in the future. Armored Vehicles don’t use ammo at the moment, so to compensate for that they fire slowly,once per 8 seconds. This will stay until an ammunition resource is added in the future.

As for the second feature, you can use the /ruleset command or you can click on the new ruleset button from the GUI and you will find that the ruleset now has a GUI that you can interact with. This makes configuring values easier if you’re playing on your own server or if you’re playing single player. If you are playing on a server you aren’t a GM, you can only see the values, but you can’t change them. Changes made are live and will be saved as well for any future play sessions.


There are a bunch of other things in the patch, and you can check them out here!

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