For Honor

Its almost time for eager fans to get stuck into For Honor, with the open beta kicking off today, followed by its release on Tuesday February 14th, 2017. In the build up to this release, one Reddit user has expressed their imaginative cosplay skills with a fine rendition of the Shugoki character in the game.

Reddit user Pennstate67 took to the social media platform to show of their creation, which proves to be a rather spectacular take on the disruptor tank fighter set to feature in For Honor. This was deservedly met with outpourings of praise by fellow Reddit members, with the user looking to add more with “The rope belt being created in the next few days.”

As for the Shugoki themselves, they are disruptor tank characters that absorb plentiful damage thanks to their high health and uninterruptible stance. This allows them more freedom whilst they are in attack, and are also super effective when dealing with groups of enemies with its kanabo. The downside of this being that they’re slow in movement and attack, which is understandable given their size.

Players should be wary of the Shugoki, however. They might well appear slow, thought their weapon choice seem less than resourceful, they are more than capable of using it to the degree of the precision of any normal blade.

For Honor releases on February 14th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The open beta meanwhile begins today, which will be available until Sunday February 12th, so be sure to check it out over the weekend for a sneak peek of what to expect before the full release.


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