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Recore: A Game After My Own Heart

This will be a much more subjective look at this upcoming title. Keiji Inafune’s brainchild Recore combines elements of Eastern and Western design. At least, that’s what can be gathered from the trailer. This action shooter platformer hybrid was a highlight at E3. I find it a little strange that it’s an Xbox One Exclusive, but it appears to have a really interesting tone.

RecoreThe trailer shown at E3 was very upbeat and quirky. It reminded me in some respects of the style of FLCL or some sort of anime. It was definitely one of the most interesting games I saw.

The pacing seems fast, which compliments its tone.

Mr. Inafune recently came under a bit of scrutiny after the launch of his game Mighty No. 9. He at first took the “better than nothing” stance but later made it clear that he cared about the customer and felt bad about the game’s shortcomings. Mr. Inafune has a strong history in the video game industry, being the man responsible for one of the most long lasting game series’ of all time. That of course is Mega Man. Mighty No. 9 drew a lot of influence from that series, but it doesn’t seem that Recore is headed in the same direction.

Still, I think it’s going to be great.

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