ReCore Becomes Affordable

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ReCore Horizontal Key Art

E3 was a big event for many game developers and the best place to introduce everyone with the new games. The same goes for ReCore, the game that brings familiar vibe we all got playing Mega Man and Metroid. Well, the reason behind that is fairly simple, the famous Keiji Inafune was involved in bringing this game to life.

But, since E3 passed, we won’t revolve so much around it, but we will focus on the changes that happened recently. The first thing that many of us will notice, right after we take a good look at gameplay is the price. And, let me tell you, this game had it, nice and spicy. Even though ReCore is coming from a well-known name, Microsoft, that doesn’t give you the right to overprice your games. Until now the game was $60 which is by any means to high. Needless to say that this game is a¬†new franchise and we don’t know much about it. Will players like it? Will it make some impact on the current state of gaming? When all this is answered, we can talk about price.


Luckily, there is a good sense of logic in the Microsoft game studio, so the game received a price change. The new and more affordable price is $40. With this, they want to focus on bringing more players together and creating a strong and constant fanbase, and with the former price that was kind of hard.

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